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what do you think?


eye say

what colour is my hair? you are only allowed to use *one* of these words to describe it: blue, green, orange, white.

how are you? you are only allowed to use *one* of these words to describe your whole life: sad, happy, angry, old.

what's your problem? you can say just one thing, and everyone will believe this is the whole truth, whatever you say or do afterwards. You are: a leaking ship, a tired child, a liar, the president?


Flame Bait #42

"A woman born of a barbarian, barbarously brought up and living with barbarous thoughts.... with ferocious and almost intolerable pride."



Hello world,

this friendly but mysterious new blog -- "Beware the lulz" or "The Swans of Sibelius" -- is an exercise, homework, project, or something, and nothing else. No cat or swan or dead or living composer was harmed in the process. I have no intention to make fun of the composer Jean Sibelius, or the software company Sibelius. Or the community "The Sons of Sibelius", which of course inspired to the subtitle of the blog. But just that.

Have a wonderful life! And be nice to people. Please.